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Over a year ago an idea formed to create a group to discuss the potentials and pitfalls of the floating wind industry coming to the Oregon coast. Initially this small group was focused on offshore wind and the needed research and public outreach that would aid in avoiding the mistakes made on the east coast. As the group grew, its scope of activities grew as well. It became clear in the beginning of 2021 that a new way forward would be needed to accommodate this expanded vision. The creation of two separate entities emerged, one focused on floating wind energy and the other more broadly on renewables. 


Each has important work to do to bring about a more just future for all of Oregon’s residents and beyond. 


OCEAN Winds will continue to pursue its mission of researching the impacts and educating about the pros and cons of floating offshore wind, facilitating an open dialog by disseminating the needed digital assets and materials to inform the citizens of coastal Oregon. 

With the commitment of these two groups, OCEAN Winds and Oregon Coast Energy Alliance Network, we believe the greater good will be served for the betterment of our local communities and the planet.

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