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Deploying Floating Offshore Wind requires many years before turbines are on the water.  Our Community needs to participate in the process to guarantee the best outcomes for our coastal citizens, ecology, and economy. 



OCEAN Winds is a cross-cultural community-based organization with the mission to explore the opportunities and challenges of floating offshore wind energy, facilitate research, educate the public and provide a talking space where all voices may be heard.


Create Community Equity

in the Blue Green Energy Discussion

Facilitate the engagement of municipal, tribal and country governments with community stakeholders, academics and industry.

Develop media assets to educate and inform all aspects of society to the pros and cons of this new industry establishing itself off our coast. 

Disseminate the ongoing dialog between all stakeholders in order to seek mitigation of negative consequences while optimizing the benefits to local communities.

Meld indigenous knowledge and practices with environmental conservation, economic recovery, industrial development and zero emissions electrical generation.

Facilitating Research

and the Adoption of

Blue Green Energy

Engaging in needed Research to establish best practices to reach the goal of a resilient, sustainable, and respectful floating wind industry off our coast.

Encouraging local supply chain development.

Insuring local interest are protected by giving voice to all of our coastal communities before, during and after the planning stages of a west coast floating wind industry.

Establishing an ongoing dialog between local stakeholders and industry to meet the needs of all parties.


Be Part of the


OCEAN Winds is promoting a process of front-loaded stakeholder engagement designed around our coastal community perspective and interests. 


Our goal is to inform and participate in Floating Offshore Wind projects when they are in the earliest, formative stages to maximize the benefits to our coastal citizens, ecology, and economy. 


Become a Wind Rider

Wind Riders are members of the global community who are interested in learning more about the activities of OCEAN Winds.  Wind Riders receive updates and invitations to webinars and access to the OCEAN Winds TALKING CIRCLE.  Becoming a Wind Rider indicates an interest in being informed about the Oregon coast perspective on Floating Offshore Wind technologies.

Wind Rider


PO Box 1614

Coos Bay, OR 97420


Tel: (541) 297-7252

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