The Oregon Coast Energy Alliance Network is a cross-cultural community-based organization with the initial mission to explore the opportunities and challenges of floating offshore wind energy. 


We believe that our coastal interests should be front and center in shaping what Offshore Wind projects might look like.


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OCEAN is promoting a “bottom up” process of front-loaded stakeholder engagement designed around our coastal community perspective and interests.  Our goal is to inform and influence coastal energy projects and policies when they are in the earliest, formative stages to maximize the benefits to our coast’s citizens, ecology, and economy. 



DB Western’s approach to developing this new industry meets our company’s commitment to improve economic conditions for Oregon’s south coast residents while restoring the environment with offshore wind energy projects. Our science and technology-based engineering department and support staff are committed to seeing offshore wind energy industrial development occur at Coos Bay, OR.



Sol Coast Companies is a sustainability consulting and contracting firm specializing in water supply, energy systems, low impact development and restored environments.  Sol Coast is headquartered at Sol Suites in Coos Bay which provides turn key solar powered offices, community networking and Think Tank conferencing for O.C.E.A.N. administration and other resident or outreach  organizations.  Since 2003 our mission is to support strategic growth, responsible development and sustainable coastal living.



Our mission is to provide superior marine transportation services. We will continuously expand our skills and technology to provide innovative, reliable and responsive solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers. At all levels of the Company, we will exceed industry standards for the protection of our employees, vessels, customers’ interests and the environment.



We dedicate ourselves to providing strong, personal service to clients that value the unique capabilities and services of Billeter Marine. It is our goal to be your trusted, reliable and creative resource for challenging marine services and construction projects.



Boost Southern Oregon is a coalition of Oregonians bringing together community leaders, small local businesses, organizations, labor, and elected officials to make Southern Oregon a better place to live, work and raise a family. Together we are striving to make a better economy for a brighter future!

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