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Founding Members


Mark Healy

Mark Healy currently works for Coquille Indian Tribe as a Water and Environmental Specialist. He is a member of the BOEM/Oregon Task Force on Offshore Wind. Active member of the West Coast Ocean Alliance and WCOA Tribal Caucus. Provided input to BOEM on Offshore Oil and Gas Leases and Offshore Wind, in addition to serving as a cooperating agency contributor to FERC on the Jordan Cove project. Advisory Board member for NOAA OAP Resilience Project. Member of the ORCCEO Shakealert committee(earthquake warning). Provided input to Oregon Ocean Acidification Action Plan. Organized Tribal Environmental Forum for Oregon Tribes . Assisted ATNI prepare response to congressional Climate Action Plan. Mark has prior government experience as Water System Specialist for the Bureau of Reclamation, working on infrastructure O&M, dam security, emergency action plans, and SOPs. Mark also worked for the Confed. Tribes of Warm Springs, Bureau of Land Management, NOAA, NMFS, Western Research Institute, and the City of Corvallis in various positions such as a Hydrologist, Fisheries Biologist, Water Quality Analyst, Groundwater Monitoring Technician.

David Petrie Portrait.jpg

David Petrie

David Petrie is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians, and Business Development Manager for DB Western, Inc. His background includes brokering timber products into Asian markets, grant writing for tribal economic development and cultural projects, tribal Cultural Director and founder of Coos Waterkeeper, a sanctioned chapter of Waterkeeper Alliance. Throughout his adult life  he has made a conscientious effort to bridge the cultural divide and offer solutions for the benefit of fellow citizens and the planet. Currently he is committed to incorporating Traditional Indigenous Knowledge (TIK) into processes to develop offshore wind energy in an effort to deliver renewable energy onto the grid in a commercially and environmentally responsible way. TIK input involves interacting with all sectors of OSW development in a spirit of good faith seeking mutually beneficial outcomes as we evaluate environmental impacts to our ocean. He has a long history of successfully facilitating community and corporate relationships, offering viable solutions to difficult problems, while focusing on environmental protection and economic development opportunities that benefit all citizens.

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Mark Petrie

Mark Petrie is a Hanis Coos citizen of the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua & Siuslaw Indians, and currently serves as the Tribal Council Vice-Chair for the sovereign nation. He draws from his strong cultural ties from his Indigenous roots to guide him forward in a holistic way. He has over 10 years' experience in education and outreach for his Tribe focusing on culture, ethnobotany, and history. He serves on the Tribe's Culture, Education, and Budget Committees. He serves as a representative for Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's (BOEM) Renewable Energy Task Force, Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians and National Congress of American Indians.


Michael Mitton 


Now retired, Michael Mitton was a co-founder and CEO of Synthetech, Inc.  He led the biotech company through several rounds of financing, an IPO, listing on NASDAQ and the acquisition of its manufacturing facility in Oregon. Synthetech was subsequently acquired by a Fortune 500 company.  Afterwards, he started and served as the first executive director of a trade association for Oregon’s fledgling biotechnology industry now called Oregon Bioscience Association.  He also served on the Governor’s Task Force for Technology Transfer.  His prior business experience includes working in management capacities for 2 multinational companies.  He also worked with 3 small companies from startup.

For the past 30 years he has been also been active in climate-related issues as a volunteer. He evaluated environmental technology business plans for venture capital investors. He has volunteered with and other similar organizations.  He is currently a member of the steering committee for OLCV-MCAT (Metro Climate Action Team) and a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps.


Roger Scott

Now retired, Roger Scott began his professional production career in New York City in 1974. He has provided creative services to IBM, CBS, NBC, ABC, Colgate Palmolive, Emmenthaler Cheese, NJ Devils, Sears, RCA, Galoob, Fisher Price, Mattel, Olympus, Prentice Hall, FAO Schwarz, and Huffy Bicycles among many others. He has provided creative and technical consultation services to clients in a wide range of specialties. Media services included campaign planning and execution, copywriting, graphics, animation, art direction and design. Web services included full stack programming and branded development, social media strategies and execution. He is currently working on numerous development projects for animation and teaching animation to children and adults.


Steve Skinner

Steve Skinner was raised in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1966 with an A. B. in Modern European History (Germany, Russia/Soviet Union).


He was a 60’s civil rights activist, starting the first tutorial program in Virginia using college students in local African/American schools. He helped integrate the local primary school as a special education teacher. After a stint at the (national) Institute for Tutorial Development (inner-city Detroit during the 1967 riots), he worked for a national NGO as an inner-city VISTA trainer. Post King/Kennedy assassinations, he organized the first National Conference on Institutional Racism held at Notre Dame in the fall of 1968. This led to work as an educational specialist at the US DOJ Civil Rights Division.


He moved to the West Coast in 1970 and later worked as acting COO for a private foundation's three-state juvenile justice system diversion program.


A career change led to 38 years working as a landscape gardener in California and Oregon Bay Areas and becoming an environmental activist/volunteer specializing in invasive plant removal and landscape restoration.

He has been active in local economic development/tourism infrastructure (N.B.D.A.) co-president with significant upgrades to downtown North Bend, Including the then derelict North Bend, Powers, and Astoria Hotels, initiated and was deeply involved in the Coos Bay “Hollering Place” project, was a co-founder the Community Coalition of Empire, initiated and led the South Coast Development Council video project, and was an organizer of multiple community clean-up efforts.

He has a long-time involvement in public education/information transmission, and numerous other civic activities.

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